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Machines and Accessories for In-Plant Rug Washing

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Catinet Measuring Table for measuring rugs from  CEBE Reinigungschemie
CATINET - Measuring Table MI-322

Patented worldwide by the manufacturer: The measuring table MI-32 is suited for the rug and mat washer who handles more than 100 rugs or mats per day. The measuring table enables the user to measure rugs and mats quickly, roll them up and have them ready for the next step. The time saved leads to a quick amortisation of this novelty - 100 rugs per hour or more! The calculation is easy and makes sense.

Packaging: Piece Art. 230000
Catinet Dust Remover for removing loos dirt from rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
CATINET - Dusting Machine
PO-322 und PO-422

The duster consists of 2 components: the shaking unit and the vacuum unit. In the  shaking unit the rug is inserted into the machine and moved between two transport cylinders into the shaker. The shaker is made of two cylinders that vibrate at a fixed frequency. This shaking removes the loose dirt and dust in the rug, making the  subsequent washing process more effective. The shaker does not harm the rug, making it possible to remove dust and dirt even from the most sensitive rugs.

Packaging: Piece Art. 231000
Catinet Washing Traing for washing rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
CATINET - Washing Train RE-3212 und RE-4212

These washing units were developed in order to make the washing process as simple and effective as possible. A consistent quality of cleaning as well as ergonomics for the operator stood in the foreground during the development process. In addition the machines are made of durable, high-quality materials and high craftsmanship, thereby ensuring a long and maintenance unintensive lifetime. The washing trains have a partial recycling of water (only the cleaning solution, not the rinse water, is recycled) and a rotatable rolling unit. This enables the operator to drop the rug onto a transport carriage which can then be pulled towards the operator thereby reducing walking time. In addition they have two or three units with six rotating brushes each in order to clean the rugs and mats with enough mechanical action.

Packaging: Piece Art. 232000
Catinet spin dryer for rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
CATINET - Carpet Spin Dryers
CE-250-L, CE-350-L und CE-450-L

These spin dryers ensure a thorough removal of moisture from the rug so that only the capillary moisture remains in the rug which is then removed by drying in a drying chamber with heat and convection. The design is, as with the dusting unit and washing unit, ergonomic and user-friendly. The spin dryer consists of high-quality AINSI 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to moisture and detergents. This construction has also been designed to minimise maintenance.

Packaging: Piece Art. 232000
Catinet Drying Scaffolding for drying rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
CATINET - Drying Scaffolding TE

The drying scaffolding was developed to simplify the process of hanging rugs up to dry for the user. Since this scaffolding is always adapted to the size of the available or required space there is no fixed size. The function is simple: a conveyor moves all drying bars around an elliptical arrangement. The lower bars have rugs hanging from them. The rugs are hung over the bars, therefore being folded in the centre. The upper bars move along empty. One bar is always in a ready-to-be-used position, that is approximately suspended one metre from the ground. As soon as the rug is hung up, it is moved up on the press of a button. The next empty bar is then conveyed into the ready position. This process allows the hanging process to run smoothly and as ergonomically as possible. The rugs are raised mechanically and kept in equal distances apart from one another.

Packaging: Piece Art. 203500
Catinet Packing Table for a final check and packing of rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
CATINET - Packing Table
EM-341 und EM-441

This packing table was developed for simple and ergonomic processing of the rug arrival (entry check, labelling and proper rolling-up) as well as rug departure (vacuuming, last brushing, final check, possible final spotting as well as packaging).

Packaging: Piece Art. 83500
Catinet TOTAL Measuring and packing table for rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
Side view: Catinet TOTAL Measuring and packing table for rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
Catinet TOTAL
Measuring and Packing Table MVT

This table allows one to unfold the rug completely and inspect it for any prior damage, stains and its general condition, if desired by use of a digital camera for rugs up to sizes of 2.5 x 3.0 metres. The dimensions of the rug may be read off the attached measuring scales quickly giving the width and length. After washing and drying the rug may be placed on the table again for  final inspection, brushing of the pile and packaging.

Packaging: Piece Art. 230000
CatineTOTAL - 3 machines in 1 - dusting, washing, spin drying of rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
Catinet TOTAL 25-2 und 32-12

This combination of duster, washing train and carpet spin drainer makes it possible for one person to operate and this in an area of 30 m2! The Catinet TOTAL consists of a duster that mechanically removes dust from the rug, fine dust being removed by vacuum. Coarse dirt is collected in a pan and easily emptied. The rug is inserted at the bottom and exits in such a manner that insertion in the washing train is easily accomplished.

A difference to the Catinet TOTAL 25-2: the duster of the Catinet TOTAL 32-12 dusts at double the speed. This somewhat reduced intensity in dusting is more than compensated by the more intensive washing with 12 instead of 2 brushes. The increased width and speed of the unit makes a considerably higher productivity possible.

Packaging: Piece Art. 232000
Fringe Brush for rugs from CEBE Reinigungschemie
Fringe Brush

This brush untangles fringes after washing in order to make the rug have a uniform, tidy, appearance.

Packaging: Piece Art. 45000
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