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Smoke Box - Products for fire damage restoration in a handy plastic case from CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
Smoke Box
So that you know how and with what directly on site: 11 of our proven products for fire and smoke damage restoration in a handy case. PLUS: our Chemical Sponge and our Chloride Quicktest as well as all Product Data Sheets.

Alkaline Smoke and Soot Cleaner: for normal soot contamination.
Cebazym: pH-neutral with enzymes against oily contamination and for ultrasound treatment.
Cold Cleaner: Degreaser and cleaner for metals (also for use in baths).
Desaster Clean: for wood and other alkaline sensitive surfaces/construction materials.
Neutral Cleaner: for light duty cleaning.
Shila Sheine: for metals - cleans and cares simultaneously.
Smoke Clean: for chloride removal/neutralization and normal to heavy soot contamination.
Standard Detail Cleaner: for final/detail cleaning.
Steel Clean: highly effective cleaner for steel (also for use in baths).
Super Special Cleaner: for the impossible cases.
Wood Creme Restorer: for untreated wood surfaces.

Chemical Sponge: for dry soot removal especially on moisture sensitive surfaces/materials.
Chloride Quicktest: for fast, qualitative, determination of chloride contamination.
Distilled Water: for the application of the Chloride Quicktest.

Packaging: Piece      Art. 95401
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