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Allfaserfleckenschutz -Schutzimprägnierung für Polstermöbel von der CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
All-Fabric Stain Protector
All-Fabric Stain Protector Stain protecting post-treatment for all fabric types.

A water-based stain protector for upholstery, curtains and textiles. It protects from water, soil, and fatty stains. Even on cotton, rayon, acetate, silk, and velour. All-Fabric Stain Protector contains a polymer that was developed especially for this application.

Contents: Fluorcarbon and water.

pH: Concentrate: 3.0 - 4.0 Ready-to-use-solution: not applicable

Dilution: Apply undiluted. The yield of the product depends on the type of fibre and its density.

Packaging: Box of 4 x 5L Art. 77005.

Application Methods:

Anti Brown Zusatz -  gegen Verbräunungen von Polstermöbeln von der CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
Anti Brown Additive
Additive or post-treatment against cellulose browning of cotton and linen textiles and rugs.

A specialty product for the prevention and removal of the browning caused by overwetting of upholstery and carpets. It contains a highly effective ingredient for the removal of this browning. It may be used either as an additive during cleaning or for post-treatment, especially on fringes of rugs after in-plant washing.

Contents: Reducing agent and water.

pH: Concentrate: 3.0 - 4.0 Ready-to-use-solution: depends on cleaning product

Dilution: As an additive dilute 1:1 with the cleaning solution and apply depending on the instructions for the cleaning product. As a post-treatment apply undiluted.

Packaging: Box of 4 x 5L Art. 71005.

Application Methods:

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